2nd Graders Meet Alexander Calder

Second graders just finished their first official art project of the year!  We started off the lesson by reviewing the definition of shape and talking about how artists use a variety of shapes in their work.  Students learned about three types of shapes: geometric, organic and free-form, and sorted shapes into these categories.

 We read a short biography about artist Alexander Calder, who started making sculptures at a young age.  We learned that he created the mobile, and made many in his life!  We checked out Calder’s work and discussed the types of shape we saw most often.

Students created their own mobiles.  They were to use both geometric and organic shape, and focus on neatness and craftsmanship.  (rubric)  We don’t want their mobiles to fall apart!  After drawing and cutting our shapes, then bending our wire, we attached the shapes and balanced our mobile.  The best time to pick these up would be at your child’s first SLC, so we don’t have to take them apart to fit into their backpacks!

(These don’t photograph well, otherwise I’d post some pics!)


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