Fifth Grade Fun

Our second project is now complete!  Students enjoyed practicing their computer editing skills with this fun project that brought real life face-to-face with fiction characters!  We started by talking about the role of technology in art.  Students brought up so many connections between the art world and technology such as – graphic designers using computers to create their work, architects using computer programs to help illustrate designs, video game artists, etc.  In addition to careers, students pointed out how the computer can be used to display, create and view art!

 Focusing on our computer editing skills, students created a collage combining a real life background with video game or cartoon characters.  Their ideas are so entertaining!  Students were assessed on their use of the selection tool and the idea behind their image combination.  I thought starting with the selection tool would be a good starting point.  This was a fun way for students to start learning to use the computer as a tool for creating artworks. See the work of Elliot, Hailey and Vincent below!

elliot livelsberger




2 responses to “Fifth Grade Fun

  1. Rebecca Parks

    It was fun making these artworks!!!! I enjoyed it! I was so excited when we got to take them home to show our families! It was an awesome feeling!

  2. Kaitlyn Thomas

    I loved working on the laptops and making some cool pictures! I amde a milkshake with Scooby and Shaggy and it turned out awesome! Thanks Mrs. Vance for giving us your time to make our lives a little more ‘artsy’

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