Kindergarten goes Kandinsky


Kindergarteners just completed their first official art project of the year!

 First, we talked about how lines have a beginning and an end, so students understand the difference between a line and a shape.  We discovered lines all around us and in artworks.  After singing a fun art song about line, we made different kinds of lines with our bodies and completed a line matching activity.

We focused on the work of Wassilly Kandinsky, and pointed out the many types of lines he used in his abstract paintings.


Copy of Composition IV




Then, student created their own abstract artwork starting with a variety of line, then adding color with both crayon and tempera paint.  Here are a few examples of vivid artworks by Molly, Colby, Alexis and Alex!






One response to “Kindergarten goes Kandinsky

  1. I loved the second drawing of a kid in the Kindergarten class. This kid shows real talent in shapes of dinosaurs…er…dragons. I loved the lines! What an understanding he showed of the use of color! He must have really been listening to his teacher’s explanations of lines and shapes. I know I would want such a drawing on my refrigerator in my kitchen! How proud his parents should be! Way to go Colby!!


    His gramma

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