Fourth Graders ask, “What is Art?”

Wow!  Our first project in fourth grade art was a major success!  Not only did the kids love it, but they starting asking some great questions about art!

We started off by talking about the definition of art- who makes it, where it is made, why it is made, etc.  I showed students some artworks that challenge the definition of art and asked them to tell me if the image was art.  They then debated as to why or why not.  It was fantastic to hear them having a productive and persuasive debate!  We finally decided that whether or not something is art is different to everyone. 

Students were then challenged to transform an ordinary object, much like artist Christo transformed trees, bridges, buildings and coastlines by wrapping them up.



Students had the option to paint, wrap, attach something to, or glue something all over an object.  It wasn’t easy to keep 28 different ideas going once we started working, but students problem solved and we made it happen.  Students were assessed on their idea, if the technique they chose was appropriate for the object, and their quality of work.   

In the end, students wrote a persuasive paragraph convincing the viewer that their project IS, in fact, art!

 Here are a few examples!  Great job to these artists whose work is shown below: Annie, Hailey, Aaron, Conrad, Kiahna, and Andrew! 








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