Third Grade Tries Texture

Third graders just started on a new lesson, but check out what we just completed!

Students learned about visual and actual texture.  We found examples of both around our room and in artworks.  Students predicted how an artist may have made this texture in the artwork.  Each student brainstormed textures, then filled an animal silhouette with their textures.  We really talked about the difference between creating a texture and drawing a design.  Students were assessed on the variety of textures they invented and their craftsmanship.

 How do you think these would feel if you could touch them?  Just ask Lucas, Quinn and Andrea, the artists behind the work below.





One response to “Third Grade Tries Texture

  1. Elva Castillo

    I think the jaguar,fish and the horse are exelent pictures. Thank you Art Teacher to teaching our kids

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