We need your help!

For about two years now, I’ve been trying to get this project done, but I need your help.  We have four wooden “totem poles” that need to be mounted into the ground in our courtyard areas within the school.  We would need to clear the grass, dig the hole, pour the concrete and stabilize the 2 x 4 for drying.  Once dry, we would need to pick up a load of rock from McCarty’s and surround the poles with this.  I’ve always had trouble getting enough people to help.  Would you, your spouse or another family member be willing to help us make this happen on a Saturday?  I think if we had a few people, we could knock it out in one day.  Once I get helpers, we’ll set a date.  Just email me at chrvance@indianapolis.edisonlearning.com.

(Oh yeah, we’d need people to bring shovels, post hole diggers, etc.!!)


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