5th Grade Can’t Miss the Work of Claes Oldenburg

Fifth graders were introduced to the Pop Art sculptures of Claes Oldenburg.  They’ve learned about Pop Art before, in 4th grade when we did our Warhol portraits, so they had some knowledge to build on.  We recalled that Pop Art got its name from it subject matter, everyday items from POPular culture. 

oldenburg_frenchfriesandketchup  SafetyPin

During Mrs. Delk’s (Osborne’s) class, we found this link http://www.artsconnected.org/artsnetmn/spaces/spoon/spoon1.html.  It has some great videos of the artist telling about his art and his ideas.  Check it out, and keep your eyes peeled for our clay Pop Art sculptures in the near future!


4 responses to “5th Grade Can’t Miss the Work of Claes Oldenburg

  1. Kali brizendine

    I loved this project, making pizzas was fun!!

  2. Oh Kaitlyn, remember “POP” in Pop Art stands for popular! 🙂 Thanks for leaving comments, I owe you some Mona Money!!!

  3. Kaitlyn Thomas

    Whne we were looking at the art works in Mrs. Vance’s Room it was so amazing! I loved how he put daily uses into his art and realy made then ‘POP’. LOL now i see why they call it POP ART

  4. these are some cool artworks

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