Kindergarten goes Klee

After moving from line to shape, students checked out the work of Paul Klee. 

klee castle

We got to use the SmartBoard to hunt for shapes in his work!  We noticed he liked to use geometric shapes to build scenes, so we made our own buildings out of geometric shapes.  We drew, then traced, then colored our “castles.”  Students will be assessed on shape drawing and control of media (marker and crayon).  Check ’em out! 
Here is the work of Jack, Ainslee, and Will from Mrs. Smith’s class:

DSCN1137  DSCN1138  DSCN1139

Here is the work of Leena and Seanna in Miss Miller’s room:

DSCN1209   DSCN1210


2 responses to “Kindergarten goes Klee

  1. Grandma Goetke

    Great job Seanna! I love your castle with all the different shapes and designs. Very artistic.

  2. Love the castles

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