5th Grade is Sitting Still…

because they are so focused on drawing a realistic still life!  Students did a pre-drawing of a still life that we set up in our classroom.  After learning some tips on drawing from life, they tried again.  Here are the tips:

1- Plan your space wisely.
2- Lay out your drawing with basic shapes.
3- Use your eyes and a pencil to compare proportions (sizes) and get angles right.
4- Add in the details.

Here are some of the post-drawings from Mrs. Osborne’s class.  A few aren’t done, but we focused on process, not product here.  Enjoy!

5th Grade still life 006

5th Grade still life 009

5th Grade still life 023


One response to “5th Grade is Sitting Still…

  1. Kali and Maddie

    This was a very fun activity. Thanks once again Miss Stiles for helping us during this unit.

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