Color 101

I always look forward to reviewing color mixing because there are so many fun ways to get the students attention.  This year, in first grade, we turned our room into a science lab, complete with bubbling background sound effects.  Students were given magic water (magic=mixed with white vinegar), Done Dust (also known as baking soda), paint pipettest (which we called squeezie thingies and used for water mixing), cups, and of course safety goggles to protect ourselves from our “chemicals.”  Some students even wore crazy color gear to help their color mixing abilities.

We started with our primary colors, and one by one, mixed the secondary colors.  Once we got the color we were trying for, we filled out our lab report.  Our Done Dust, when sprinkled into the new colors, would fizz up.  (In one class, we used Done Dust for all the colors.  In the other class, we tried Done Dust on all the secondaries, but it only fizzed if it was magic water.)

Don’t you wish you would’ve been here for this?











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