Art Class Update 11/02/09

Hello everyone!  It has been awhile since I’ve posted because things have just been non-stop lately! 

First of all, thank you to all 4th and 5th grade parents who stopped by during SLCs to see what your child has been doing in art.  I appreciate the support you are giving to the Visual Arts!  Each quarter, a different grade level will be assigned to each special area.  If you are set to visit art, there will be activities set up in the art classroom for your student to lead you through.  (Activities are based on each grade’s curriculum.)

Also, just a reminder to stop by to see our online student work gallery.  You can even order products with student work printed on them!  (Great for holiday gifts!)  A SPECIAL thanks to those parents that have been coming in to photograph and upload work to this site!  We will continue to add to it through the year.

Now, for the update:

Kindergarten- Kindergarteners are busy continuing their lesson on shape.  After making our Paul Klee castles using geometric shapes, we discussed how artists, like author/illustrator Eric Carle, using shapes to create more complex drawings, like those of animals.  We are now working on our own Eric Carle style animal collages.  One class voted on sharks and the other class horses.

First Grade- First grade just finished a short quiz on the primary colors and color mixing.  We are now moving into a study of value and how to create tints and shades with a variety of art media.

Second Grade- Second grade has just started a Motion and Value project.  We briefly discussed how artists can show motion in a few ways (making our eye travel or including subjects that look like they are in action) and we will be creating works that use both of those methods.

Third Grade- Students have been practicing blind continuous line contour drawings and are now experimenting with watercolor techniques.  These two goals in project is sure to create an abstract, but colorful piece.

Fourth Grade- Fourth graders are finishing up the process of turning their sequence of drawings into animations using PowerPoint on their laptops.

Fifth Grade- Fifth graders are finishing up their clay Pop Art sculptures.  We are in the process of firing and glazing them.


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