All Around Update

Hi everyone! I know it has been awhile since we’ve posted, so I apologize for the wait.  Miss Stiles, a student teacher from IUPUI, just left yesterday after spending 8 weeks in our classroom.  The students have done some exciting projects and I’m going to throw them all into one LOONNG post! 

First of all, Kindergarteners learned about Native Amercians and made pinch pots using native american symbols.



Now, Kindergarteners have moved on to a study of Impressionism.

First grade students went on a hunt through the work of Grant Wood to find some examples of form, repetition, line and texture.  They are currently finishing up their own landscape artworks in tempera paint!


Second graders have studied the work of Klimt and his use of repetition as well.  They started with station activities to look at and learn about the work.  Now, they are finishing their own mixed-media artworks on painted gold paper!

Third graders told stories with artwork in the style of Faith Ringgold, famous for her story quilts.  We read Tar Beach and then narrated our own stories with fabric marker on fabric.  Students also used fabric squares to create their border.  Third grade is now working (as classes) to create 2 installations based on an element of art.  Look for Mrs. Daeger’s class’s giant yarn balls and Mrs. Ponchot’s class’s straw cloud coming soon!


Fourth grade learned how to draw forms in perspective, then created city scenes using this knowledge.


After finishing their Henri Moore abstract sculptures, fifth grades have done some extensive drawing exercises to learn how to draw from observation more accurately.  The studied negative and positive space, angles, foreshorting and even drew upside down drawings to challenge their brains!


Thank you, Miss Stiles, for the time and energy you put into teaching Art at RPE!  We will miss you and hope to see you again!  Good luck at SHS!


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  1. The fifth grade artworks were very hard

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