Second Grade is introduced to Henri Rousseau

Today, Mrs. Mathena’s class started a lesson on Henri Rousseau. 

After reading the Venezia biography of Rousseau (gotta love that book series), students began station activities.  I was excited about how engaged students were and a few asked me to share the links so that they could do them at home.  Here is a run down of the station activities:

1- Spinner Station: Students used a game spinner and question key to discuss several of Rousseau’s work.
2- NGA Jungle Interactive website: Students used this site to build their own jungle painting.  Click here to go there now!  (Even the 5th graders that came in after 2nd were excited to try it during centers time.)
3- Mrs. Vance’s VoiceThread:  This is an awesome tool I found on another blog I follow.  This was my first attempt at using it.  It allowed a group of students to get instruction on how artists show space from me while I was actually monitoring the other stations.  They LOVED it and were listening so intently while at this station.
4- Drawing Station: Students sketched and added color to their own spacious landscape.

Check out these sites!


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