Student Post: 5th Grade Optical Art

*This post was written by Jenna C., one of RPE’s fifth graders.


Is that picture vibrating? Am I seeing things?  The past few weeks, students in 5th grade have studied artists Victor Vasarely and Bridget Riley, who both created Op Art.  No, not Pop Art, Op Art.  Op Art is when the artist tries to trick your eyes.  After viewing many artworks from the two, 5th grade started their own Op Art using the two artists as guides to help them.   Some studetns took on Bridget Riley and used lines, while others used shape, inspired by Vasarely.  The 5th graders learned the color is just as important as the drawing itself because in some cases, the color is what makes it an optical trick.  Here are some artworks from the 5th graders at RPE.  Can you see the illusion?

Work below created by: Kaitlynn K., Mackenzie O., Hannah M., Claire S., Trevor B. and Rebecca P.


3 responses to “Student Post: 5th Grade Optical Art

  1. Loved the post and the artwork…very informative and inspiring!

  2. this project was so fun
    i really liked hannah’s and claire’s

  3. Rebecca Parks

    I loved doing this project! It was so much fun to make and I am proud of everyone for their hard work!

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