Student Post: 5th Grade Aboriginal Art

**This post was written by guest author- Jenna C., one of RPE’s 5th graders

     This month, 5th gradrers in Mrs. Vance’s art class are focusing their attention on the land down under, Australia!  I know what you’re thinking, “What does Australia have to do with art?” Well, after doing a research packet we discovered that in Australia, is Aboriginal Art!  Aboriginal Art consists of many types of art, includeing dot painting, bark painting, x-ray style and rock painting.  For the actual art project, we focused mainly on x-ray style.  x-ray style was developed in 2,000 BC and still continues today.  The artist starts by painting an outline of the figure.  Then, they add patterns inside the figure that represent bones or organs.  The challenge for 5th graders was to choose an Australian animal, student it, and draw it.  Then, we added various patterns inside them.  It was important to add a lot of detail and complex pattern in order to succeed at this porject.  We were graded on neatness, repetition and [how well we showed the internal structure of the animal.]*  It was a challenging project, but in the end, we all pulled through.  Take a look at some of these Aboriginal x-ray style artworks made with colored pencil or pencil.  Can you tell which patterns represent bones or organs?  (Apologies for the image quality.)

Work below done by Chloe O., Grant M., and Claire S.




*edited for accuracy by Mrs. Vance!


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