Beginning of the Year Warm-Ups

To start off the year, students in kindergarten, first and second grades made self portraits.  It is my HOPE to turn these into class posters that could be purchased by RPE families.  If you are interested in helping out in the art room, it would be helpful to have some parent volunteers to scan and save drawings.

Third, fourth and fifth graders learned about centers, mona money and our art room in their first visit to art.  While many students spent their time with me in Room 33 last year, some had Mrs. Brennan or were at other schools.  To see what it is like in our classroom, check out the Visit the Art Rooms page by clicking on the text to the right.  Centers is an area in our room that is most often used once students finish their work.  There are all kinds of creative problem solving activities for a student to work with.  Puzzles, matching games, journal topics, blocks, drawing books, etc. are among the many choices.  Lastly, Mona Money is our art room incentive.  Students earn Mona Money ($ stamps on an index card) for all kinds of excellent choices in art.  At the end of the semester, they can use this money to buy goodies at an auction.

How can you help Art be a great experience this year?

1.  Ask your student what they are learning about in art.  Don’t settle for, “Nothing,” because I promise, they are supposed to be learning something!  Contact me if you are concerned your child may not be on track with us!

2.  Look at grading rubrics and artwork that comes home.  These explain the project and the students success.  They review this rubric before work time and sometimes even help develop it, so they should understand what it means and can explain it to you.  If you, or your student, ever have questions about a grade, please contact me.

3.  Participate in the art department by posting comments on our blog, visiting the art room, helping out the art teachers, etc.  When your child sees you value the arts, they will too!


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