Student Post- Project Review

     Hello, my name is Ben and I am going to tell you what we have been doing in art…painting!  Our last lesson was based on paintings by Kenneth Noland.  He was a famous painter that lived from 1924 until 2010.  Kenneth Noland was called a “hard edge” painter because when he painted concentric shapes he made the edges look as if a printer had printed them. 
     We have also been studying tertiary colors.  Tertiary colors are primary and secondary colors mixed together.  The tertiary colors are blue-green, blue-violet, red-violet, yellow-orange, yellow-green, and red-orange. 
     We hae also been making paintings based on Kenneth Noland’s.  The paintings we have been making have at least 3 tertiary colors.  They also have concentric shapes (a shape that is inside of a shape that is inside of another one, etc.)

The above post was written by Ben O., a third grade student at RPE.

See additional post: Noland in Grade 3 for more info and pictures!


17 responses to “Student Post- Project Review

  1. Ben: I enjoyed your piece on the art of Kenneth Noland. I learned a few things, so never too old to learn. Keep up the good work, & enjoy it!
    This is Pat from the 100 acres woods in Liberty.

  2. Ben, what a great essay about Noland and his “hard edge” paintings. The wall of paintings made by your class is beautiful. Your encouraging blog to your classmates was neat. Keep up the good work. Grandma Diana

  3. Cindy in Sarasota

    Ben, thank you for the riveting report on Kenneth Noland! His art sounds interesting!

  4. Susie Railsback

    You show enthusiasm in your project and by sharing your information and what you have learned you have sparked our interest. Enthusiasm is catching.
    Keep up the good work.

  5. Although I love art, I hate studying the history behind it. You do a great job at not making it boring!

  6. Ben, Keep up the good work.

  7. Ben,

    If this is the writing we can expect from you at your age I look forward to your many other publishings to come. Keep up the good work because knowledge is power.

  8. Great write-up, Ben. It captured my attention from the beginning and held it through to the end. I’m impressed. Keep up the good work.

  9. Nice write-up, Ben. It capyured my attention at the outset and held it through to the end. I’m impressed. Keep up the good work.

  10. richard nicodemus

    hi ben
    i never heard of this painter and grandma laurie says you are only in third grade i am impressed with your descrepton off his work

  11. I’m a dummy when it comes to art. But I am learning. I have never heard most of te terms.

  12. Shari Eldridge, FL

    Was this written by someone I know? Great job Ben! I’m impressed with you’re knowledge of art. Keep up the good work.

  13. Ben: I had never heard of this artist until I read your blog. You gave an awesome description of him and your vocabulary along with the “accents” in certain places was phenomenal! I bet this was a very interesting artist to study! Keep up the good work Ben!

  14. Terri Bruksch

    This was very helpful and informative. I had no idea what “hard-edge” painting was and I had forgotten the definition of a “tertiary color.” I’m curious though, where was Mr. Noland born and where can I see some of his paintings?

  15. Dean Michael Owen

    I am absolutely amazed at your incredible description of your current art studies! I was hooked from the very first sentence, given the clever use of the ellipses. Framing the phrase “hard edge” with the quotation marks was a stroke of genius. The whole concept of anything being a tertiary color just about knocked my socks off. Finally, the isolation of the explanation of concentric shapes within parentheses was the crowning achievement. Who knew that Kenneth Noland and his work was such a compelling subject!

  16. Thank you for putting my blog on to the website.

    P.S. Third Graders, if you want 30 dollars in Mona Money, I suggest you write and turn in a blog because barely anyone will write one.

  17. This was a very nice description of what you have been studying in art class, especially from someone who doesn’t like to write! Nice job

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