Art Contest Opportunity

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department is hosting their annual Healthy Reasons to Say No to Drugs Contest for all Marion County students in 4th and 5th grade.  This contest offers students an opportunity to win up to $500 in savings bonds. 

There are two categories- poster and essay.  Work is due to Mrs. Vance by Friday, Oct. 29th.  The top  posters and essays chosen by Mrs. Vance will be submitted to the contest.

Contest Details:
Participants: 4th and 5th graders
Categories: Essay (300 words or less) and Poster (approximately 17″ x 14″, no larger than 18″ x 24″)
Student Incentives:
1st Place: $500 savings bond in each category
2nd place: $300 savings bond in each category
3rd place: $200 savings bond in each category
Honorable Mention: $100 savings bond- 10 winners in each category

1.  Entires should be positive, creative, and neat.
2. Entries must be related to the theme. (Any negative theme or negative representation will be disqualified.)
3. Teachers and parents should give guidance only.
4. All entries must be turned in to Mrs. Vance by the end of the school day on Oct. 29 with a note that shares the following information (Mrs. Vance will fill out entry form): student name, address, city, zip, home phone, social security number (needed to awared savings bonds- if you are not comfortable with sending this in, but could share it over the phone, please call Mrs. Vance to do so)  and student’s grade level.

The winning posters will be used to create a 2011 calendar.

If you have any questions about the contest, please call Mrs. Vance at 789-2950.


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