Cubism Gone Monochromatic – Grade 3


Third graders reviewed the definition of value and how artists make tints and shade in a variety of art media.

After looking at the work of Pablo Picasso and George Braque, students created portraits to mimic this style.  They focused on breaking up their subject and showing more  than one point of view.

To complete their portraits, students added color value.  When an artist uses all tints and shades of one color in an artwork, it is called monochromatic.

How many tints do you see?

How many values do you see?­


Artwork by:
Alexis, Addison, Kaitlyn, Hannah J., Shelby, Lilli, Haley, Kayla, Drake and Madison


One response to “Cubism Gone Monochromatic – Grade 3

  1. Thats awsome art work.

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