Motorcyle and Mustang Mania Posters- Order Now!!

If you follow our blog, you know that our fourth grade students were recently surprised with exciting subject matter for drawing practice.  Some friends of one of our cafe workers brought in their Harley Davidson motorcycles to draw (and the staff member brought her awesome Mustang).  I’ve compiled the motorcycles into one image- Motorcycle Mania, and the Mustang drawings into another image- Mustang Mania. 

On Friday, October 29th, I will be placing an order for these images as posters.  If you are interested in purchasing one, please email Mrs. Vance at or send in a written order with a check (made out to Christy Vance) or cash (I will not be able to give change).  Be sure to specify which poster you would like to order.

Help your child remember this exciting art lesson or get that special gift for the motorcycle or car enthusiast in your child’s life.

The order will be placed through Winkflash.  The prices are as follows (RPE will make no profit):

Poster Prints
11×14 $4.95 + .99 for shipping
12×16 $5.95 + .99 for shipping
16×20 $7.95 + .99 for shipping
16×24 $9.95 + .99 for shipping
18×24 $11.95 + .99 for shipping
20×24 $12.95 + .99 for shipping
24×36 $19.95 + .99 for shipping
34×44 $34.95 + .99 for shipping
44×66 $69.95 + .99 for shipping

One response to “Motorcyle and Mustang Mania Posters- Order Now!!

  1. Brandi Mathis

    The drawing is so fabulous! They all did great. I will be ordering a couple of the prints.

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