Typography and the Principles of Design – Grade 5

Fifth graders learned about the PRINCIPLES OF DESIGN and how they help artists decide how to use the elements of art. 

“the rules”
“the building blocks”
balance line
unity shape
variety color
rhythm value
pattern space
emphasis texture
scale and proportion form

After this study, students looked at some different ways artists have used text in their work.

We explored a variety of fonts and used cropping Ls to find parts of letters that would show a principle of design.  After the composition was chosen, students drew and painted their work in the hard edge style.

Can you tell what PRINCIPLE these students used?

Artwork above by:
Hannah B., Camry, Zubia, Luke
Moid, Anna, Kailyn, Rachel D.
Devin, Nolan R., Hayley W., unknown
June, Jacey


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