5th Grade Visits Aboriginal Australia

Fifth graders took dive into Australian culture, animals, Aboriginal symbols and art.  They used websites to learn about the people and land and to take an online quiz to check their focus.  They researched a few animals native to Australia and filled out fact webs.  They recorded a variety of symbols used in Aboriginal work and had the option to use these in their own artwork and they listed characteristics of four types of Aboriginal art: rock painting, x-ray style painting, dot painting and bark painting.

Using one of their researched animals, students created their own e-ray style artwork.  They noticed to fit this style they need to begin with the animal’s silhouettte.  Next, they drew in a general bone structure, which is what makes the style look x-rayish.  Lastly, students filled many of the empty areas with intricate designs and repeated patterns.

Here they are!

Artwork above by: Kelsey, Kaitlyn, and Moid


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