Fourth Grade- 1 Point Perspective

Students learned about the invention of perspective during the Renaissance. 

We viewed artworks and illustrations that showed perspective in a variety of ways.  We noticed that in 1 point perspective, we are looking at the front of an object and the sides slowly shrink towards a vanishing point.  After a few activities to check understanding, students were challenged to draw four forms (the more tricky the better) in 1 point perspective.

Artworks by: Makaylah, Brianna, Dalila and Megan


2 responses to “Fourth Grade- 1 Point Perspective

  1. Of course! I’d love to trade for you Social Justice lesson plan! I just need your email address!

  2. I love your perspective study guide. I know I could make one myself but you’ve already done such a great job! Would you be willing to send me a copy? Maybe scan and e-mail?

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