Third Grade Meets Alberto Giacometti

We started this lesson by learning about human proportions.  After some practice drawing, students were introduced to an artist that doesn’t quite follow the rules of human proportion, Alberto Giacometti.

Students created their own figure sculpture using the following steps.

1.  Build the armature for your figure using wire.

2.  Build up the thickness of the body using foil.

3. Secure the foil figure to a solid base using masking tape.  The figure should be in action and should be strong enough to stand alone and balanced.

4. Cover the foil figure and base with paper mache.

5.  Paint a solid coat of paint onto your sculpture.  Some used solid black, while others used bronze hues.

Here are a few of the sculptures:


One response to “Third Grade Meets Alberto Giacometti

  1. WOW! I am so impressed with your projects. It is so exciting to see what you are learning. I remember how your sculpture started out and what I have seen in the gallery is superb! You are becoming wonderful artists!

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