Kindergartners Turn into Eric Carle

Don’t we all just love Eric Carle books?  This author/illustrator is always a favorite of kindergartners, so I decided to use his artwork as inspiration for our second shape lesson.  We began by looking at several illustrations of Carle’s.  Then, we looked closely to find how he used shape to build his animals.  We found he sometimes used basic shapes, but other times, used more unique shapes.  Students learned about Eric Carle’s collage process, then gave it a shot on their own.  First, we decorated tissue paper with patterns in crayon.  Then, after deciding on what animal they wanted to create, they drew large shapes on the back of the tissue paper.  After carefully cutting them out, we glued them onto large white paper to form our own version of an Eric Carle collage.   This shows that students are able to problem solve using shapes!  Here are some pictures of the artists at work, followed by some examples of our collages.


Great job!  Maybe you’ll illustrate your own book one day!


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