What in the World? Surrealism in Fourth Grade


Artwork above by: Brianna, Juliana, Dalila, Nathan, Makaylah and Lucas

Like what you see?  Then you would like the style of art called Surrealism.  These images are the result of an artists automatic thinking.  The objects in the image don’t normally go together, and sizes are all out of whack.  Somewhow things still seem to be real.

Fourth graders enjoyed a short lesson that introduced them to the artwork of Surrealist artists like Rene Magritte,

and Salavador Dali.

We played Exquisite Corpse activities in class just like the Surrealists used to.  We started pictures and let other students finish them (but they weren’t allowed to look at what the others had drawn).  We built sentences using different parts of speech, not knowing what the other words would be.  Imagine Mad Libs, but EVERY word in the sentence is a blank to be filled by a different student.  We had quite a few laughs!


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