Why Art? v.2


Why do our students need an Arts educations?  Visual Art is everywhere.

It is always neat to see elementary school students’ amazement when they learn and start to discover all of the ways that art is a part of our lives and culture.  When I first put this poster up on my door (sorry the above image is blurry), a few students asked why I had it up.  So many “ah-hah” moments come from my explanation. 

Everywhere you look, every item you touch, you are more than likely viewing the work of an artist.  The image/item lives as a result of problem solving and design and serves a purpose that only it can serve:  persuasion, functionality, beautification, marketing, and more.

And thus, careers for artists are numerous.  If you are strong in art and math, there is a career for you.  Strong in art and music- there is a career for you too.  What about art and science?  Yes, there are careers for that too!  So many people thing that if you are interested in art, your only hope is to be a fine artist.  That is not the case at all!  Here are just a few options.  And a few more.

I LOVE these infographic posters by Tyler Lang for Ringling College of Art and Design.  So many of the details and impact is lost since you can’t quite see it, but they remain powerful. One side of the poster is Universal Demand, listing TONS of career paths for artists.  The back side is universal impact, sharing some very enlightening facts about the roles artists have played in our culture.


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