What We’ve Been Up To…

The Art Show was a success (as always thanks to fantastic student work)!  I hope you were lucky enough to attend, and thank you for supporting the arts in Perry Township. 

The last few weeks have seemed to fly by and I haven’t posted near as often as I’d like.  Here is a quick rundown of what is going on in art right now. A lot of this artwork has already gone home, so I apologize for not getting pictures up!

Kindergarten:  Kindergarteners learned about the art of Southwest and Northwest Native Americans.  We created pinch pots (which we will soon glaze) and totem pole animals with layered paper!  After that, we moved on to learning about still life artworks and have been practicing drawing from real life in class.

First Grade: First graders love Giuseppe Arcimboldo, an artist famous for his collage portraits.  After we looked closely at his work, we did a short critique to share our thoughts.  Go to this site to create your own collage like Arcimboldo’s: http://www.oldmasterflash.com/  We made portraits of their teachers using the Smartboard!  Next, students created one (or two) collage portraits of their own.  First, they used a common object and repeated it to create a portrait.   Then, they created a collage portrait by drawing (or cutting out) anything they could think of that would be the shape, size and color they needed to make a face.

Second Grade: Second graders recently finished up an Ancient Egyptian lesson which they LOVED.  I think in almost every class period someone brought something to share!  Students illustrated a story using themselves and one of the egyptian gods or goddesses.  They added pattern and heiroglyphics around the border to help tell the story.  Now, students have begun the study of Amate (Mexican Bark Painting).

Third Grade- We finished up our study of Roman Architecture by creating low relief tiles to show one of the elements that was left to the world of architecture by the Romans.  Students have also completed a style study of Vincent Van Gogh and created their own impressionist works focusing on line direction, color combinations and showing depth.

Fourth Grade- We ended our lesson on Greek Vases by adding simple pattern with black tempera paint.  We also went back to a favorite site ( http://www.carlos.emory.edu/ODYSSEY/GREECE/home.html) to explore a bit more before our lesson came to a close.  Students are now beginning a new lesson that focuses on artistic styles.

Fifth Grade- We had quite a variety of ideas come to life with our expressive self portrait collage assignment.  Students created their portraits in meaningful shapes, organized them in meanginful ways or made them out of unique and telling materials.  Now, students have been working in groups of 3 or less to write a proposal for an installation artwork in our school.  Students looked at several examples of installations and are thinking outside of the box to share an installation, with a message, to our school community.  I can’t wait for them to share!


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