Watch out Vincent!

Third grade just finished up their impressionist landscapes and I must say, they are fantastic!  We learned a little bit about Van Gogh, then students created their own work inspired by him.  They reviewed how artists show space in their works and designed a landscape that showed this.  Then, using marker, they applied color to show the impressionist style.   They were encouraged to use line direction and color combinations to enhance their work.  Here are some examples of their work:

As part of our assessment, I tried out Google Docs.  The students answered a few questions about Van Gogh and his style, then wrote a letter to their brother as if they were Van Gogh.  I chose the top 3 letters from each class and ordered those students sets of 25 postcards with their work on it!  I’m very excited to announce the winners right here!  Addison H., Alexis H., Makenzie K., Will C., Chloe L., and Ella B. will soon be seeing their work on real postcards!  Congratulations!  I’ve pasted their letters below for you to check out!

Dear Theo,
              I hope you are doing well I am doing ok. I have tried many jobs over the years but finally I have setlled down being an artist. I have just finished stary night one of my new artworks. It is very vivid and detailed I think its cool I will send you a picture of it in a few days. P.S. please write back

                             Your brother, 
                               Vincent (Will C.)

Dear Theo,
    Today I was outside by the mountains and it is so warm out here. I made a artwork about theese mountains and the rest of it. If you were here to see the artwork you would be so proud.Including this artwork I have painted 901 paintings.The people who I showed it to some people and they took a picture of me and the artwork,but you know me I dont smile alot because  I’m never happy .
                                         love, Vincent (Ella B.)

Dear Theo,
      Today I went to the beach.You know how I am a post impressionismest I made a new picture.It is a picture of the wonderful beach I went to.It had a wonderful view of the sunset.
      I got to go on a very nice boat that took me to the netherlands you know where I was born.It took me back home back to the beach were I could rest and collect sea shells for my collection and also so I could see the wonderful sunset.I will send you the picture when I am done.
                    Your Brother,
                             Vincent Van Gogh (Chloe L.)

Dear Brother Theo,   
     I just wanted to remind you that I am an artist that uses bold and intence colors for my art work and I use lines to make my artwork. I just got done with my newest artwork and I love to useaully make landscape artwork. I also blind my colors to make a part of my art. I also have many paintings one is called a starey night and I am wishing to see you again. And I also have been working on an artwork for a celebration. I also use depth in my artworks and I also use size and placement. I also use like so many lines thats baccicly what my artwork is. I also try to put my lines close togeather. I really appricate your time.              
                          Love your brother, Vincent Van Gough (Makenzie K.)

Dear brother Theo,
I have finsed my master pease. (As you told me in your last letter) I used the boldest colors I could find for my new painting . . . Stary Night. My bisness is not going so well. I havent only sold one painting yet! Ever sence I lost my ear things have been, well, hard. I hope you have better luck selling a painting.

Your brother, Van Gogh (Addison H.)

(This next student misunderstood the directions, but her letter still reveals insight to what she learned about Van Gogh.)

Hi bub! have to tell you about new my art work. It has many intense colors in it and i made it with lots and lots of short brushshrokes. I love going out side to make it and it feels wonerful! I wish I can show you!I think people are calling me crazy for what i am doing in my art. I get my inspiration for Vincent Van Gogh.All the things I said was all what he did but he had a bad life I don’t.Well i love you and please write back!!!:)  (Alexis H.)


One response to “Watch out Vincent!

  1. The stories are very intresting.I wonder what Van Gogh would say if they were sent to him (if he was still alive).

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