Third Grade Knows Their Tertiary Colors

After  a review of the primary and secondary colors on the color wheel, third graders learned about tertiary colors.  They used color math to show that a primary color plus a secondary color (near it on the color wheel) makes a tertiary color.

Students studied the non-objective work of Kenneth Noland.  We completed a 4 step critique activity to get to know his style and its characteristics.  Students found that his main focus was on shape, color and the overall design of his work.  In our project, students were asked to use concentric shapes, clean and loose edges, and at least 3 tertiary colors.  Check out all of the student work at  (If the assignment is not listed yet, it may take a day or two to appear.  Keep your eyes out for it!)  Here are a few examples of the paintings our students created:

The works above were done by: Daija W., Gracie W., Kacie E., Emma L., Kaitlyn G., Tyler T., Lisa H., John J., Jayde T., Noah P., and Bridget V.


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