Art Center Mania!

One of the things I implemented in my classroom several years ago was center activities.  It is probably one of my favorite areas of the classroom, and has definitely become a kid favorite as well!  Centers are available for students to “visit” if they fnish work of art with class time remaining.  Sometimes, we are even lucky enough to have Center days!  There are probably about 50 activity choices in my centers area: drawing books, tangrams, art games, pattern blocks, stamps, modeling clay, architecture magnets, card games, and much, MUCH more! 

Thomas tries out animation using one of the art links on our Rosa Parks Symbaloo at!


Grace is working on a magnetic mosaic!  (This center always gets chosen, even though there is never enough time to finish a masterpiece!)

Kaitlyn and Jayde work on drawing realistically from a drawing book.

Teachers:  If you are interested in learning more about our centers, send a note my way! 

Parents: Don’t be alarmed if your child brings home a paper airplane, pipe cleaner creature or foam construction from art class, and be reassured that those items are not part of our curriculum, but rather exploration time for your child!  (I always remind the students, “Please make sure your parents know this was a free time choice center!”)


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