Cool Tech Tool: Artsonia

Cost: FREE!

What is it?
Artsonia is an online art gallery for teachers all over the world.  Student work can be uploaded and viewed around the world.  Guests can join fan clubs, leave comment, and even order product with the artwork printed on it (with parts of proceeds going to the artist’s school).  A feature I really like is that the site tracks the artist from one grade to another and keeps a running portfolio.  Artsonia also has new features that make communicating with parents about published work and account status very easy!

How I am using it:
It is my hope, with lots of help, to get most of my students’ work up on Artsonia this year.  Once a blog post goes up about a project, the work has already been uploaded onto Artsonia.   Check out our school’s page here:

Teacher Tips:
Get parent help!  I once tried to do the uploading myself and it can get overwhelming with 14 classes of work!  I send home a letter recruiting parent volunteers at the beginning of the year.  Usually it works out that I can get a parent per classroom.  I meet with them once to go over the steps and have an area set up with necessary equipment and instructions.  (My “kit” includes digital camera, cord, batteries, USB flash drive, notebook paper, class lists and baskets for work.)

Have students write full names on artwork.

Publicize your school’s involvement.  Kids LOVED seeing this site in action and are very anxious to see their work start appearing.

Parent Tips:
Find your students artwork (using the above link), then activate your child’s account.  This is the only way guests can leave comments and join your child’s fan club.  A security key will be sent home with your child when their first work is published.  If you have missed this note, email me and I’ll send it your way.

Encourage your family and friends around the country (or world) to check out your child’s work online!

Make gift-giving extra personal by purchasing products that showcase your child’s artwork!  (If you have something that your child has created at home that you would like me to upload, send in a high quality digital picture or the work itself and I’ll upload it for you.)

Save the RPE Artsonia page as a favorite and visit it often.  Encourage your child to view works, leave comments, and join fan clubs of other students at RPE!


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