4th Grade Learns Color Schemes

Fourth graders learned that artists sometimes use color theory to make their artwork more visually effective.  After reviewing the color wheel (primary, secondary, tertiary, warm and cool colors), students learned to identify analogous, complementary and split-complementary color schemes.  Students planned a non-objective design and divided into four sections, one for each color scheme learned, plus a “freebie” section.  Students mixed primary and secondary color paint to add color to their work. 

Check out all of the student work at RPE’s Artsonia gallery: http://www.artsonia.com/museum/gallery.asp?exhibit=424991

Here are a few examples of the masterpiece artworks that prove these fourth graders know their color schemes! 

Artwork above by: Ayshia T., Caleb A. , Conner W., Joe S., Kaitlyn G., Luke N., Nathan B., Drew S., Haley C. and Makayla G.


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