Classroom Incentive: Moo Cards!

For the past several years, we’ve had Mona Money in the art room.  For good behavior, participation, etc., students earned stamps (dollar signs) on green index cards that they kept in their table folders.  At the end of the semester, I’d take a fun trip to the dollar store and load up on TONS of goodies to sell at our art auction.  It worked out that almost every kid would end up with something.  this was definitely something the kids looked forward to.

So, this year, I was nervous to announce that room 33 would no longer be a world of Mona Money, but instead….Moo cards!

I wasn’t sure how this idea would go over with the students, but they love it!  I found a site,, that made “mini moo cards.”  I started thinking of what I could design that would get my 3rd, 4th and 5th graders excited about earning them.  While checking out the site, I found that they already have tons of artwork available for use on your moo cards.  There were quirky, silly and interesting designs that I knew my students would love.  So, I picked out 100 designs, designed a back to the card, complete with words of affirmation and our classroom blog address, and placed my order! 

There are a lot of cool ways you could use these mini cards and Moo does a good job of marketing these ideas in their newsletters.


One response to “Classroom Incentive: Moo Cards!

  1. You have wonderful ideas for your symbaloo! How outstanding!

    In my combined first and second grade classes, children freely participated in an art center during Choice Time. Some readily available supplies were bought with school money and parents supplied a huge variety of junk materials. Much of art for the young child involves exploring a wide range of materials. It should include the process that is emphasized. During this process, they have opportunities to develop the very same cognitive traits necessary to succeed in academic areas.

    See my entry about an art center for young children:

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