Tech Tool: Symbaloo

Cost: FREE!

What is it?
Symbaloo is a cool site that allows you to save and share collections of links in a visually interesting way.

How I am using it:
I created a Symbaloo for the art center sites that my 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students are allowed to use during center time.  I thought it would be better than the list of sites I used to have them access.  The images help them remember what the sites are!

Click the link to see the Symbaloo we use for centers:

Teacher Tips:
Create a symbaloo webmix of kid-friendly links on any topic (or find one that is already made)!

Create a symbaloo webmix of teaching sites you use frequently.

Create a symbaloo webmix of homework helper sites for your students to access from home.

If you teach olders students, have them create webmixes (Symbaloo collections) on topics they are researching or learning about.

Parent Tips:
Look for webmixes that may help your child with his/her school work.

Create a webmix of favorite home sites.

Encourage home use of webmixes made for and used at school.


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