Picasso, Value, Genres, Oh My! Station Central in Third Grade

To kick off our next lesson, which covers many new concepts, third graders navigated through a series of stations in Art.  Here they are:

1.  Listen to Greg Percy’s song Picasso Polka.  Track along with the lyrics.  Look at the examples of work from Picasso’s Cubist period.  Rewrite lyrics to a tune you know well.  Make sure your lyrics tell about the Cubist period like Picasso Polka does.

2.  Look at The Old Guitarist by Pablo Picasso.  Discuss what you see and what emotions the image shows.  Use props to recreate this painting, then interview the student acting as the guitarist.

3.  Use a variety of supplies (oil pastels, dry pastels, pens, pencils, colored pencils, crayons and markers) to create value scales.  Your job is to find out how to make tints and shades with these different materials.

4.  Look at the artwork examples from Picasso’s Blue Period.  Answer the discussion questions (based on subject matter, emotion, color choices, value, etc) with your team.  Keep track of what everyone shares out on a web.


5.  Discuss the definitions of abstract, non-objective and realistic with your team.  Record what you know on the sketch paper.  Then, using the objects at the station, draw a realistic and abstract drawing of the object.  Second, create a non-objective design.

After students completed these stations, they moved into the project that builds on their knowledge and experience with Picasso, value and types of art.  Watch for that project to be posted soon!


2 responses to “Picasso, Value, Genres, Oh My! Station Central in Third Grade

  1. Hi Greg! We love Songs in the Key of Art and use them all the time! Thank you for sharing your talent. I’ve often thought about doing some sort of mini-production. Something like bringing you in and having kids perform alongside in some regard (like choreography, acting out meanings, etc.) When I told one of my classes that you commented on our blog, they were so excited. I mentioned maybe trying to have you visit and they were definitely interested! -Mrs. Christy Vance

  2. Greetings-

    Very cool lesson–I like the first part….Picasso Polka is one of my Favorites!

    Glad you’re enjoying it.

    Maybe I could come to your school and play it for you sometime…

    Greg Percy

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