2nd Grade: Warm and Cool Landscapes

Second graders learned to separate the primary and secondary colors into warm and cool groups.  Students created educational posters to teach others what the warm and cool colors are.  They also had to show and tell that they warm color tend to stand out, or “pop,” in a work of art, while the cool colors seem to receded, or “drop” in a work of art.

As students started sketching landscapes for a warm and cool artwork, we learned about foreground, middle ground and background.  Students made sure that they showed these three levels of space in their artwork.

Drawings were then transferred onto black paper and traced with glue.  This created a clear boundary between shapes in the drawing.  Students then added oil pastel, choosing one group (either warm or cool) to use above the horizon line, and the other below the horizon line.

Check out all of the landscapes in our Artsonia gallery here!

Here are a few examples by Cara O., Lauren G., and Jasmine Z.


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