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2nd grade students are totally into Ancient Egypt. Students completed research and art projects on the Ancient Egyptian civilization. The majority of students were fascinated by the process of mummification, so we are now rolling up our sleeves and putting some … Continue reading

Art Center Mania!

One of the things I implemented in my classroom several years ago was center activities.  It is probably one of my favorite areas of the classroom, and has definitely become a kid favorite as well!  Centers are available for students to “visit” if they fnish work of art with class time remaining.  Sometimes, we are even lucky enough to have Center days!  There are probably about 50 activity choices in my centers area: drawing books, tangrams, art games, pattern blocks, stamps, modeling clay, architecture magnets, card games, and much, MUCH more! 

Thomas tries out animation using one of the art links on our Rosa Parks Symbaloo at!


Grace is working on a magnetic mosaic!  (This center always gets chosen, even though there is never enough time to finish a masterpiece!)

Kaitlyn and Jayde work on drawing realistically from a drawing book.

Teachers:  If you are interested in learning more about our centers, send a note my way! 

Parents: Don’t be alarmed if your child brings home a paper airplane, pipe cleaner creature or foam construction from art class, and be reassured that those items are not part of our curriculum, but rather exploration time for your child!  (I always remind the students, “Please make sure your parents know this was a free time choice center!”)

Third Grade Knows Their Tertiary Colors

After  a review of the primary and secondary colors on the color wheel, third graders learned about tertiary colors.  They used color math to show that a primary color plus a secondary color (near it on the color wheel) makes a tertiary color.

Students studied the non-objective work of Kenneth Noland.  We completed a 4 step critique activity to get to know his style and its characteristics.  Students found that his main focus was on shape, color and the overall design of his work.  In our project, students were asked to use concentric shapes, clean and loose edges, and at least 3 tertiary colors.  Check out all of the student work at  (If the assignment is not listed yet, it may take a day or two to appear.  Keep your eyes out for it!)  Here are a few examples of the paintings our students created:

The works above were done by: Daija W., Gracie W., Kacie E., Emma L., Kaitlyn G., Tyler T., Lisa H., John J., Jayde T., Noah P., and Bridget V.

2011-2012 Here We Come!!!!

If you’ve stopped by the RPE Art Blog lately, you’ve noticed a few slight changes.  🙂  Of course, once the school year starts, we’ll get information to families through the newsletter and such, but in case you have stumbled upon the blog, here are some NEWBIES to our blog!

1.  RPE’s Google Map of Art
Over to the right, you’ll see a few clickable icons.  RPE’s Google Map of Art takes you to a Google Map that will hopefully be adorned with photographs of family visits to art around the world.  Check it out and submit your photos today!!

2.  Monthly Art Challenge
As a fun way to get students thinking creatively outside of art class, we are going to try out the Monthly Art Challenge.  Students can try these activities and get rewarded for them at school!

3. Updated Art Links
This list of interactive and educational Art sites has been a favorite of students for many years, but now it looks a little different!  Simply click on the Art Links icon, then click “Add this page” when you see the Symbaloo preview (a bunch of square image links).  Clicking add this page will allow you to view the entire Art Link Symbaloo.  (Basically, it is a prettier than a list of links.)

4. Aweseome Art Apps- Coming Soon!

5.  Artsonia- Coming Soon!
As years previous, I hope to upload student work to this site.  Check it out!  You can have fan clubs, build a portfolio, comment on student work, and purchase items that display your work!

6.  Visual Arts Standards
If you’ve never checked these out, I encourage you to do so.  This year, literacy standards have been added to the Fine Arts!

Perry Township Art Show


Tonight is the last night for the Annual Perry Township Art Show!    The show is free to attend and will be open fron 6-9 pm at PMHS at Stop 11 and 135.  The work of Perry Township students and Art Educators amazes many each year.   If you weren’t able to check out the displays yesterday, we hope you can join us this evening to help Keep Art Alive!