Visit the Art Rooms

Come on in….. art happens here!

Art Room Doors









In Mrs. Vance’s room, the students sit in groups.  They have a table number and a group color.  Room






Here are the Art Centers, where 3-5th graders spend some of their left over time.  DSCN0529






  Meet R.O.Y., G., and B.I.V., our computer friends!  They are centers too!








Here is our CHILL OUT area.  Sometimes, students hang out here for 5 minutes to calm down and get themselves ready to get back to work.  There are helpful books, posters, and activities.

chill out

Our reading or class discussion area is great!

reading area







We hope we can keep these sinks nice and clean.  Our still life shelf holds all of the goodies we use to practice drawing through the year!


In our class folder storage area, each class has their own shelf (well, some share).  Each table uses a folder to hold their work between classes. 









Mrs. Vance’s area has a sign that reads, “ART TEACHER PARKING ONLY!  All others will be SPLATTERED!”  I wouldn’t test that out if I were you!









And last, but not least, two new popular additions- Ducky, the duck-taped stool, and WOW Words slips.  If students hear an important word, they can add it to the word wall and earn a Moo card!  (K-2 won’t start this until later in the year, if at all.)

ducky          wow words






 Hope you enjoyed your visit!  If you ever want to come and see the real thing and spend some time with your child in Art class, just give us a call!


3 responses to “Visit the Art Rooms

  1. Thank you! The room is only that organized because the picture was taken before the school year started. There is a little more “mess” now. Yes, in the Chill Out Area, there is a paper with 3 steps on the counter top to guide students. The cups above the sinks are from IKEA. You can get different kinds of containers to hang on the rail system. We use them for various supplies as we work on lessons. It saves some space by getting things up off the counters. Plus, they are easy to grab and put away. This year, we do all of our supplies like this. I have an area where sets of each supply are already made up for the table captains to grab and go quickly. Are you an art teacher yourself? If you’d like any other information feel free to email me!

  2. Great room, very clean! About your Chill area, what is written on the paper laying on the desk. It seems to have images and words…is this a note to the “guest” ? I assume this is set up for students to use without much teacher explanation. I really like the bench storage seating in the whole group area, perfect for some older students who are uncomfortable with sitting on the floor. Also, I noticed cups or something on the wall with the sinks…how are these used?

  3. What a great place for learning about and creating art!

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